Lucky Tiki Creations

Lucky Tiki Creations an environmentally friendly company and we try to use items that can be upcycled or repurposed when possible. All our Upcycled Fairy houses and enchanted wands Luckytiki Creations an environmentally friendly company and we try to use items that can be upcycled or repurposed when possible. All our Upcycled Fairy houses and enchanted wands are unique and made with Love. Our light up bottles and lanterns are beautiful made and perfect for gifts. Our prices vary from $3 and up. Each item is individually priced for convenience. We accept credit/debit card payments for any purchase over $20. We are very proud of what we make and you can see that in the details of our work.
unique and made with Love. Our light up bottles and lanterns are beautiful made and perfect for gifts. Our prices vary from $3 and up. Each item is individually priced for convenience. We accept credit/debit card payments for any purchase over $20. We are very proud of what we make and you can see that in the details of our work.





Katherine Kehoe

Katherine Kehoe currently works as a children’s librarian at the Jersey Shore. Now that she has finally finished her MLIS and is remembering what it is to breathe, she is unreasonably excited to spend every possible moment outside in the sunlight, reading comic books, listening to Iron Maiden and various other metal bands, traveling the country trying exciting and weird foods (especially fancy hot chocolate), and exploring many creepy, abandoned, and allegedly haunted locations along the way. She is currently working on the sequel to her debut novel: The Haunted: Hearts on Fire and sleeping with a night light on because of it.

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Matt Haas

Over the last 20 years Matthew J Haas has become a well distinguished Paranormal Researcher and a notable public figure due to Paranormal Talk Radio and working with Renowned Paranormal Researchers across the world from California, Colorado, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Texas, Florida to Australia and England.  Matt is a passionate Paranormal Investigator but also has a love for teaching. He enjoys being a lecturer and motivational speaker. Matt has made numerous appearances over the last 10 years or so at conferences, special events and local libraries.

His topics have included such things as Evolution of the Paranormal: How you can apply the Scientific Method to a Paranormal Investigation, Dangers of the Paranormal: The Unpredictable Risks of a Paranormal Investigation and The Ghost Ideology: Are Ghosts real.  Conference appearances include: Gettysburg Ghost Conference ( 2007 ), Eastern Regional Ghost Conference ( 2008 – 2009 ), Epicon 2 ( 2008 ), The C2D1 30th Anniversary Haunting Paranormal Symposium at Geneseo College ( 2015 ), Pennhurst Paracon 2 ( 2016 ), SelmaCon ( 2017 ).

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South Jersey Ghost Reasearch

SJGR_Lg_Logo_ImageOur roots go back to 1955 and a group called the Ghost Hunters of America. GHA conducted investigations in NJ and PA and remained active into the 1990’s. In 1998, GHA merged with two other New Jersey groups to form South Jersey Ghost Research. We’ve undergone some name changes and personnel changes along the way, but the focus of the group has remained true; to help anyone in need of assistance with a haunting. Now with the renaissance of ghost research thanks to the Internet, we have expanded our membership base and our coverage of the Delaware Valley.Our primary goal is to help everyone we can, free of charge, with their questions, concerns or fears of spirit activity in their home or business. The research aspect of our work comes second to giving assistance and understanding to those who contact us. We are one of the few groups that use all the tools available to us in order to provide assistance. We use the latest scientific equipment along with psychic investigators so that we can obtain more information on the nature of the haunting and to help validate each method.

Mission Statement:

Our goal is to aid any individuals having problems dealing with or understanding a situation in their home or business. We hope to do this by researching the situation and educating them as to the nature of their haunting as well as giving them the information and understanding to create a livable resolution for the person and the spirit. When this is not possible, we will assist people who cannot live with their situations because of the negative nature of the spirit activity.  In the process, we also want to gather and collate data that will lead to the better understanding of ghosts and hauntings. We are open minded to all theories and methods, this is not an exact science and hopefully, in the end, this will create the theories and proof necessary to bring the subject of ghosts into the mainstream.

Paranormal Enlightenment Magazine

Paranormal Enlightenment Magazine is filled with facts, ideas, thoughts, and views from some of the best in the para world!  Every month we spotlight a location and dealve deeper into the paranormal world around us.

Paranormal Enlightenment™ is also the online home to the Outcasts of Radio™ featuring podcasts with different personalities & views from around the paranormal community including Geeks & Ghosts!!

Our online shop is open and ready to go with Paranormal Enlightenment Magazine issues and other downloads!  Keep checking back to see what we add next!!

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Keystone Spirit Seekers

Keystone Spirit SeekersKeystone Spirit Seekers (KEYSS) is a team of Paranormal Investigators, based in Bucks County, PA, dedicated to “Unlocking the Truth.” The group has years of investigative experience in both private and historical realms. The goal of the team is to aid the community with any issues that may be paranormal in nature. KEYSS also conducts educational programs for the benefit of the community.






Anomalies Research Society

Anomalies Research SocietyAnomalies Research Society is a network of experienced researchers of diverse backgrounds who investigate paranormal and anomalous claims.

Mission: To be a respected network of ethical, evidence-based, rational investigators by reaching scientifically sound conclusions regarding extraordinary claims. We do this by first establishing the validity of the claim through examination and fact-checking, consulting with professionals, and documenting the cases for the purposes of education and public understanding.

This is not another gadget-laden ghost chasing crew. ARS is not about playing pretend scientist or “proving” anything. Members take very seriously the role of paranormal belief in society and understand that personal experiences perceived as paranormal are emotional and frightening.

Started by a geologist and photographer, we aim to provide a unique objective evaluation of paranormal and anomalous events and claims – hauntings, ghosts, UFOs, Bigfoot or other mystery animals, natural anomalies, and strange events.

Sharon Hill, P.G., EdM, is a geologist specializing in science and society as well as public outreach. She is the creator and editor of the unique critical thinking blog that casts an informed and skeptical eye on questionable topics that appear in the media such as the paranormal, alternative medicine claims, pseudoscience, and anomalies. For 20 years, she has researched and written about the paranormal, monsters, and natural phenomena for various websites and publications. She has extensive experience investigating complex geologic problems, working with industry, citizen and municipal groups, and explaining technical and scientific concepts to the public. She owns Lithospherica, LLC, a private consulting operation.

Ken Biddle is a self-taught photographer, researcher, and paranormal photographic evidence specialist. He is a photography consultant for MUFON, and creator of “I am Kenny Biddle” YouTube channel and Blog that addresses paranormal topics, methods, equipment, and evidence. He writes, lectures and conducts training classes on paranormal photography.


Fairless Hills Paranormal Group

Fairless Hills Paranormal GroupLocated in Fairless Hills, PA. Fairless Hills Paranormal Group was founded in 200 and are a group of investigators willing to help anyone in search of knowledge of the paranormal, search for answers dealing with the paranormal as well as helping historic sites raise funds by exploring the paranormal world. Their group was created to help with bringing the paranormal world out to the public and are dedicated to helping individuals whom are experiencing paranormal activity & have unanswered questions.

Dave Juliano

Dave Juliano

Dave Juliano

Dave was the center of a haunting in his childhood home in New Jersey. From the age of three until the day he moved out 26 years later, he experienced a wide variety of paranormal activity. The activity ranged from typical haunting activity to a 3 year period where the activity in the home became preternatural. He spent his early years terrified of what was going on in his home. As he got older he became a voracious reader of anything on the topic of supernatural phenomena in a search for answers for what he was experiencing. With the help of people experienced in this supernatural realm he eventually understood more about what he was experiencing. His focus soon became to learn as much as he could about ghosts and hauntings as well as help anyone who was scared of a paranormal situation when they did not need to be. Dave can see, feel and discern spirits.

Dave has been investigating haunted locations, consulting on cases and helping people for over 29 years. In 1994, he began the Internet’s first paranormal website with a specific focus on ghosts. He created The Shadowlands as a safe haven for people to share their experiences with spirit activity and to seek comfort along with advice. He also created Ghost Hunting 101 ® which still is a free resource for people looking for free information on how conduct safe and effective ghost research. He has personally trained hundreds of people how to investigate haunted locations via Ghost Hunting 101® classes and SJGR training classes. He has consulted on thousands of cases and investigated hundreds of haunted locations.

Dave is currently the Director of South Jersey Ghost Research and the webmaster of The Shadowlands. He investigates and helps people reporting mainly negative activity in their homes or businesses. He specializes in problematic, intense, negative and demonic hauntings. Dave is also what is commonly referred to as a “demonologist” and is an ordained member of the clergy. He has first hand experience with many cases including deliverances and exorcisms as well as personal encounters. He runs Sanctuary Deliverance through which he assists the public and paranormal groups in need of help with negative hauntings. He is the author of ‘Positive Energy for Haunted Homes’, ‘Ghost Research 101: Investigating Haunted Homes’, ‘Armor of God’ and ‘’ plus numerous articles posted on The Shadowlands website. He is a Co-Host of ‘Paranormal Straight Talk‘ Podcast.

Dave now resides in Philadelphia, PA. He owns The GhostHunter Store ® in Burlington, NJ and the online store as well as two other stores, The Shield of St Michael and The Illuminated Spirit. His background is in law enforcement and private security. He is a graduate of the Cape May County Police Academy, ULC Seminary and majored in History and World Religions at Camden County College.

Dave has appeared on various shows on The History Channel, The Travel Channel, National Geographic Channel and many other TV, magazines, books and Radio shows. He is now a cast member of the TV show Ghost Detectives seen on Fox and the CW channels.

Black Moon Paranormal Society

Black Moon Paranormal SocietyThe Black Moon Paranormal Society is an organization based out of Central Pennsylvania. It was founded in October of 2009 and consists of a group of dedicated paranormal investigators, researchers, and enthusiasts. The investigators seek to not only prove that ghost exist; they also hope to give a voice to those who have passed on and to try and give a sense of peace to both the living and the dead.