What is Paranormal Journeys Expo??

paranormal journeys expo

paranormal journeys expo

Paranormal Journeys Expo is designed to bring the Public & the Paranormal together for this event, offering vendors, local & regional paranormal groups, food, fun, lectures on various subjects. Public Admission is FREE; tickets for the lectures will be a $5.00 donation (as of 2014).

Above is the simple description of what we are, but we are much more…. When the initial idea of doing a paranormal expo came up during group meetings long ago I thought that would be so cool to have a close by expo with many different genres of the paranormal: Ghost hunters/Investigators, U.F.O. Researchers, Cryptozoologists,  Psychics, and Fans or knowledge seekers all in one place – in a friendly family atmosphere.  I wanted an event that any can come to and feel at home, no matter the reason they came.   Sure in the years after those thoughts began and we did our first expo in September 2013, many types of paranormal expos have popped up, but we stayed to our goal of having groups and people who are committed to not only the hunt if you will, but sharing the knowledge and mysteries they’ve learned along the way.  You may not see many or any “para-celebs” at our events, but you will meet many groups and people who are out there on the front lines.

The paranormal is not all we are about, every year we’ve picked a charity or historic location to benefit from the event. In 2013 we helped Manna on Main Street in Lansdale as the money raised we contributed as a soup donation as the kitchen’s supplies were dangerously low going into the colder months. To learn more about Manna’s Mission visit: www.MannaonMain.org to learn more. 2014’s & 2015’s goal was to help Graeme Park in Horsham, PA!

We all have our story, come out and hear ours or tell us yours, either way every year is a new chapter….

John C. Fowler

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